"Don't turn away!  Keep you gaze on the bandaged place. That is where the light enters you.”  Rumi 

Artful Grief was born from scraps of paper, torn out of magazines on an evening just a year after my daughter Kristin's death.  I heard a voice, it said, "Why don't you make a collage?" I created over a hundred collages over a ten year period. I gathered the fragments of myself and pasted them down.  I released the unspeakable.  I kept my "eyes on the bandaged place."

 The Artful Grief Workshops

You are invited to join me in a safe and sacred spacethat extends beyond my studio, and virtually includes you in a creative process,while in the comfort of your home or office.

Who will benefit from Artful Grief workshops?
Artful Grief workshops are for adults, interested in self discovery and a creative process. No talent required, just a willingness to be in the moment. We will gather, virtually, with no more than ten participants at any given time.

When does Artful Grief meet?
We meet on XXX …..

How long is an Artful Grief Workshop?
Artful Grief workshops are XXX

How much does Artful Grief cost?
An individual session costs XXX and a series of three/ five sessions cost XXX.

What does an Artful Grief workshop look like, from start to finish?
Artful Grief will begin with a welcome. Each participant will introduce themselves, sharing whatever is comfortable. I will lead a brief guided meditation – to still and focus the mind and heart. Artful Grief participants will create in the comfort of their home of office. Each participant will have the opportunity to share their process and creation. I will close the Artful Grief workshop in gratitude for our time together.

What is an Artful Grief workshop?
An Artful Grief workshop is an opportunity to quiet the mind and open the heart.  It is an opportunity to be with your life as it is.  It is an opportunity to come to the edge of your joy and sorrow, your fear, courage, rage, shame, pride, your nothing and your everything.  Artful Grief is an opportunity to create and get out of your own way, trusting that what emerges is perfect.  It is an opportunity to tear, cut, paste, draw, paint and embellish your creation.  It is an opportunity to allow formlessness to come into form.  It is an opportunity to pour what you keep inside, out onto the paper.  Artful Grief is an opportunity to bear witness to the mystery of life moving through you.  It is an opportunity to say yes and fall in love with each moment. 


It is my mission to be the teaching, not the teacher

Join me for Artful Grief…at the refuge

 "When soul wishes to experience something she throws an image of the experience outbefore her and enters into her own image."  Meister Eckhart